HelioCampus (AEFIS) Syllabus FAQs

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the HelioCampus syllabus in Canvas.

How do I change my name or email address in my syllabus?

If you need to update your Preferred First Name or Default Email so they appear correctly on your syllabus, you can do so in your profile on myJH. From the myJH page, click on your JHED ID on the upper-right and click MyProfile. Once the edits are made, they should appear in your syllabus in 24 hours.  

Screen shot showing Chosen First Name field and Default email field

How do I update course details from SIS (e.g., Course Description, Prerequisites)?

Confirm with other faculty and your Program Director that the change should be made and submit this form to request that SIS be updated.

My students can't see the syllabus in Canvas. How do I make it visible to them?

Note: For instructors, the only way to see your syllabus from the student's point of view is to preview it within HelioCampus. Canvas' Student View will not work. To see the student view of the syllabus, click Export and Preview.

There are several possible issues. If the problem persists, please email AAPassessment@jhu.edu

Ensure your syllabus is published. If you see Published in green next to the course title. then this is not the reason students cannot access the syllabus. 

Instead, if you see Faculty Pending, you must click Publish to submit it to your Program Director. if you see Approval Pending, contact your Program Director to approve your syllabus. 

Why can’t I add CLOs? I get a message that limit of 0 (zero) has been reached.

Only program directors or the AAP Assessment team can add CLOs to syllabus. If you do not see CLOs in a preview of your syllabus, contact your Program Director.


Why do I get an error message when I attempt to Publish my course syllabus?

All “Required” fields must be filled out before HelioCampus will allow you to publish your syllabus. You can search (Ctrl+F/Command+F) for “Required” to easily locate each required form field to find the one you missed.

If you get this error message, “Unable to publish course section. You have to fill all required syllabus form items.”

 Screen shot of the error message you will receive if you don't fill out all "Required" fields 

What is the difference between Faculty Pending, Approval Pending and Published?

  • Faculty Pending: This is essentially “edit mode” for instructors to go in and make changes to their course section-level syllabi. Note for ITs: This is the only status that will allow changes made at the course level to filter down.
  • Approval Pending: Once faculty are finished updating their syllabi, they will select the “Publish” button which will change the status to “Approval Pending” so PDs can go in review, approve and Publish the course syllabi.
  • Published: The syllabus is published and available to students in Canvas and via SIS.

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